Child / Adolescent Assessment

At PsychAssets we believe that assessment should do more than simply place a child in a particular classroom or address “special needs.” Assessment is the process by which we enable children to succeed not only by searching for developmental needs, but by highlighting unique strengths and allowing children to capitalize on those strengths. Our individual assessment services provide parents and educators with a clearer view of a child’s current level of functioning in the key areas of intellectual/cognitive ability, academic achievement, social awareness and judgment, behavior, communication, and emotional and psychological functioning. At PsychAssets we believe that everybody has unique talents, and we are committed to helping find them.

We utilize a complete, customized, up-to-date battery of psychological testing materials which may include the following:

  • Child Intellectual Functioning – Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC IV)
  • Child Academic Achievement – Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT 3)
  • Child Intellectual and Achievement - Woodcock-Johnson (as applicable)
  • Behavioral Assessment - Child Behavior Checklist (Parent & Teacher) – Connors
  • Personality – Personality Inventory for Children (PIC-R)
  • Parental Relationship – Parent Child Relationship Inventory (PCRI)
  • Background – Parent Interview
  • Other specialized assessment tools as appropriate
  • Referral Questions:
    • Academic Placement
    • Learning Difficulties
    • Emotional/Behavorial Problems at Home/School
    • Adoption

All testing is conducted by licensed Master’s level or higher psychologists and supervised by a Ph.D. licensed clinical psychologist. PsychAssets assessors will also serve as educational consultants to school faculty and staff during Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings.

To learn more about our child assessment services, please contact us at 248.594.1793 or at